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Well, since I’ve been flooded with messages in the vain of “Why you do that?” or “You’re not hot no more” or me personal favorite: “What happened to you guys? Jesus doesn’t like Mohawks” I thought I would clear the air for you guys. Going into Cole mode for a sec.

Hair is hair. It grows back. Mine grows back particularly fast. Cole and I have always had odd hairstyles to say the least. This is historically accurate lol. Not only that, but hair is very much an expression of yourself. Keyword expression. I implore everyone to experiment with their hair, as not only is it fun, but it is liberating in many ways to stray away from the social norm.

Someone asked me the other day on the street, “Dylan, why do you wear your hair like that if it is objectively regarded as better looking to women the other way you had it?” I answered such: “To like someone for their physicality is a shallow notion. That’s not to say that it is unnatural, as everyone does it, including myself, though there is a socially defined norm for what is generally deemed attractive on males, and sadly, it is usually directly correlated with a sort of “tameness” or a style most closely associated with popular media. Cole and I know this all too well, as around the time we started the show and a bit after that, every 11-15 year old boy had the Toe head dogtown long hair look we did, even yes, Justin Bieber as well. Much of our perception of “cool” or “hot” is determined by these current trends, as we are social primates are we not?” Suffice to say it did not convince her, but no matter! Your hair should always be for you, rather than them.

Not explicitly an act of rebellion, but instead an act of acknowledgement. Acknowledgment that people will always vilify the pariah. Both Cole and I know this all to well as well. We both have gotten accustomed to the fact that there will always be naysayers, so we do these types of things anyways.

If you encounter people who act on the outside of the bellcurve, chances are they are wayyyyyyy fuckin’ cooler than people who strive to obtain normality. Support, aid, befriend, or talk to these people, as they are also generally the ones who may want it most.

On another note, I decided to get a mohawk, not as a punk phase, but rather because I thought Dwalin’s from the Hobbit movie was so awesome. Definitely modeled after these d00ds :

tl;dr? cut my hair because I like dwarves. If you like dwarves, you should too.

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